Oximeter with Pulse – color display – compact – fast – accurate (1/bx) – IN STOCK


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Pulse Oximeter – finger style

  • color display OLED
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Pulse
  • Heart Rate
  • Fast start up and response
  • includes lanyard
  • clean with alcohol swab between uses

Each unit is tested before shipping from our office – batteries included

Oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement range: 70-99% measurement accuracy: 70% -90% ± 2%. If the value is below 94%, insufficient oxygen.

(PR) BPM measuring range: 30 bpm-250 bpm.

PI measuring range: 0.2% -30%, PI means Perfusion Index, it shows Blood perfusion ability.

Display Screen: Blue and Yellow two color OLED screen.

Display Directions: Four Directions, Six display modes

Energy saving: Two AAA batteries approx 40 hours with low warning

Automatic switch-off: after 8 seconds when not performing read out



The finger must be inserted fully so device senses correctly.

Do not move the finger or move the body during the measurement, or the data may be innacurate.

Sorry no returns or refunds for these items unless authorized in writing by our staff


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